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​   What People Are Saying About Us

Camp Happy Tails & The Lodge

My dog Zack is a well-mannered and lovable lab who has been going to daycare at Camp Happy Tails since 2013, and I have to say we love it.  I am extremely sensitive to placing my dog in the hands of others, but Lisa and the crew at Happy Tails have earned my trust.  My boy comes home happy every day, and the report cards keep me apprised not only about how he is doing, but also tell me he is in good hands while I am away at work.  Henry and Courtney do a great job, and always have a positive attitude.  On his “spa” days, they bring him home all clean and happy, and usually with a nice little token – a treat or a neckerchief – so I know Zack has had another wonderful day at Camp.  The “taxi” service is extremely convenient, and these guys provide an invaluable service, caring for dogs in the Santa Cruz Mountains

Hugh  - Boulder Creek


We have two dogs in our family who go to the Happy Tails Day Camp regularly, and who have boarded there on numerous occasions when we travel.  There are often times when we are not able to give our canine pals the exercise and socialization with other dogs that they need, and Happy Tails has become a fantastic resource for us.  It is truly amazing how the camp works.  It is like a large playground for dogs.  They interact, play in groups, roam around, and are watched over and entertained by staff who clearly love dogs and know how to be in charge.  Since they first started spending time at Happy Tails, we have found our dogs to be more relaxed and at ease around dogs in other environments.

Our dogs have been going to Happy Tails for about the past six years.  One of our dogs is a golden retriever and one is a pit-lab mix.  On every occasion they come home happy and usually quite tired.  The pick-up and drop off service is excellent.  Our dogs now recognize the sound of the van and usually greet Jerry at the gate with their tails wagging.  We love having our dogs with us, but when we can’t, or when they need an active play-day, we rely on Happy Tails to give them a safe and healthy place to be.  It is so nice to be able to be away for the day or a week and know that our dogs, who feel like family members to us, are in a safe and comfortable place, and are being cared for by a very special team of folks.  Happy Tails is a five-star experience for your pets and for you!

Mark - Scotts Valley


​I send my German shepherd to Camp Happy Tails  Selena is young and needs the social interaction of other dogs as well as the wonderful people she is surrounded with at Camp. Indeed, it is her ‘vacation’ and I doubt very much she misses me with all the love and attention she gets at Camp Happy Tails.  I have also sent Selena up to Camp while I have had surgery and it's a great relief to know how well cared for she is – definitely one less thing for me to worry about during my recovery.

In fact, she has such a good time and is so social and well-behaved, I started sending her to day care at Camp. She absolutely LOVES ‘camp day’ and will get her leash and sit by the front door until we leave to go meet the van. She gets so excited when the van pulls up that I know she is going to have an awesome day. When she comes home, she is happy and tired; they also send a little report card of her activities including the dogs she befriended and how much fun she had.

I also use Happy Tails for Selena’s grooming and while she doesn’t always appreciate her ‘spa day’ I certainly do. They do an excellent job with all aspects of grooming including flea control and nail trimming.

Finally, as someone who lives alone, it is vital for me to know that in the event something happens to me such as a car accident, my pets are taken care of. I carry in my wallet a piece of paper with Happy Tail’s number on it saying I have pets and in the event I am unable to respond to please contact them. Happy Tails has my credit card on file and they are authorized to charge it for their services; they also know where my spare key to my house is located.  This is wonderful peace of mind for me as although I have made arrangements for my pets’ care in the event of my death, I trust Lisa and the people at Happy Tails to provide immediate, temporary care for my babies in the event I am incapacitated.

I highly recommend Happy Tails for all pet owners. Whether you need pet sitting, dog walking, vacation camp or grooming services, they will provide it with a smile and in the most professional caring manner possible. They truly are ‘happy tails’ for both pets and owners! 

Sandee, Aptos